Friday, 1 March 2013

PTU Lessons In Love

Lessons In Love was written by myself on 28th February 2013. Any similarity to any other tag or tutorial is co incidental.
Supplies Needed
Tube of choice. I have used the gorgeous artwork of VeryMany. available to purchase HERE
Scrap Kit used is Bella Love from Designs by Joan. I purchased from SATC  HERE

Plug in's Used
Xero - Radiance
PhotoEffex - Scanlines

Open a new image 700 x 700. Paste Black frame as a new layer. Take your magic wand tool and click inside frame to float. Selections-modify-expand by 4. Open a new raster layer and flood fill  inside the selection using a gradient of choice, colours to match your scrap. I used pink and blue, Linear gradient- angle 45- repeats 0. Move the gradient layer below frame.

Still selected paste a close up of your tube. Selections -invert and hit delete to remove excess tube from outside the frame. Select none. Apply radiance to suit and change blend mode to Luminance Legacy. If desired, apply PhotoEffex-Scanlines . See settings below.

Paste your Main tube and move to left of frame. Duplicate and move copy below frame.Drop shadow your original top copy. Use your eraser tool to remove excess image on both copies that exceeds the bottom of the frame.

Paste your elements and drop shadow as desired..... I used

Element 76 - Word art.  Paste above close up. behind main tube, opacity 80. Duplicate and move copy to left of tag, beneath all other layers.

Element 65 - Black Netting. Re size to 110%. Paste centrally. Move element down in layer palette below word art. So this is now your bottom layer.

Element 51 - Books. Re size 60%. Place bottom left of frame.

Element 98 - Sign. Re size 60%. Rotate to left by 8. Place behind Books.

Element - 72. Blue Heart. Re size 45%. Rotate to left by 8. Beneath Books above sign.

Element - 56. Glasses. Resize 35%  Rotate left by 4. Above books.

Element - 90 Wire Star. Re size 50%. Place between close up and frame layers bottom right of tag.

Element - 64. Butterflies. Paste bottom left of frame above main tube layer. Use eraser tool to delete bottom butterfly from image.

Element - 73. Blue Ribbon. Re size 95%. Place bottom of frame. Slightly to right, beneath butterflies.

Element - 2. Bow. Re size 50 %. Image-Mirror. Top right of frame.

Element - 99. Small Hearts. Re size 60%. Top left of tag of frame.

Merge visible. Crop/resize and sharpen to your liking. Add your name and relevant copyright info. Save as PNG. 
Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and your pleased with your tag. Sal :)

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