Monday, 25 March 2013

FTU Sexy Like Me

Sexy Like Me was written by Myself on 24th March 2013. It is my own creation and any similarity to any other tag or tutorial is co incidental.

Supplies Needed
Tube- I have used the Gorgeous artwork of Jessica Dougherty. Available from CDO  HERE
Scrap Kit- Ftu Platinum.Club. An oldie but goody... freebie by Designs by Sarah  HERE
Template 227 By Millie @ Millie's Psp Madness  HERE
Filters Used (Optional)
Xero Radiance
Cybia Screenworks-Dot Screen
Tramages-Panel Stripes

Open template. Duplicate and close original. Re size all layers to 95% and adjust canvas size to 700x700. Delete credits and stars. Working on layer 1 in layer palette. Selections-float . Open paper 7 ( if you using a different kit or paper you won't need to do this. I wanted a smaller pattern effect and didn't want the black edging on the paper inside my selection) Using selection tool draw a large rectangle in centre of paper. Copy and then paste into selection we have floated on our tag. Adjust brightness to -15 contrast-20. Select none and drop shadow.

Layer palette. Layer 2. Selections- float. Paste paper 13. De float invert and hit delete. Select none and delete original layer. Repeat this step for layers 3 and 4, Pasting papers of choice.
Paste your tube and position at the bottom of tag below word art. We can now work our chosen elements around our tube.

Paste frame 5 re sized to 85% as a new layer. Position behind your main tube.Click in centre with magic wand to float. Modify and expand by 2. New raster layer. flood fill with a black and grey gradient. Angle 45-Repeats 2. Move new layer below selection.

Still selected paste a close up of your tube , hit delete again and select none Apply radiance. change blend mode to luminance legacy and opacity to 60%. If you want coloured lips- take your freehand selection tool and draw around lips as neatly as you can ( Helps if you zoom image and may take a little practice unless you have a very steady hand) once happy, promote selection to layer, change blend mode to hard light and opacity to 80%.

Paste laptop re sized to 70%. Mirror and position bottom right of tag behind tube. Take your magic wand tool and click on the screen several times until its floated as a whole rectangle. Apply Cybia Screenworks- Dot screen, mode 0. Paste a smaller copy of your tube inside the selection-invert and delete. Blend mode luminance legacy opacity 80%. Select None. Repeat steps as on close up if you want your lips coloured.

Back to layer Palette. Layer 8 Word Art. Using magic wand click inside each letter to float. Selections Modify- Contract by 1. Paste paper of choice. Selections-invert and delete. Apply Tramages- Panel stripes, settings below and Cybia Screenworks - Dot screen - mode 0. Select none.

Paste elements of your choice and drop shadow to your liking.... I used 

Martini Glass Re sized 30% . Bottom of Tag. I erased part of stem to make it look like my tube was holding it.
Pillow. Rotate left by 9. Placed behind laptop.

Flower 5. Re sized 60%. I adjusted brightness & contrast to make it brighter. Place behind pillow. Duplicate and re size copy 80%.

White Lillie's. Re size 70%. Image-Mirror. Placed left of tag behind tube. Duplicate and re size copy 80%.

Lips. Rotate left by 9. Brighten. Placed behind tube above laptop.

Glitter Branch. Re size 40%. Reduce brightness. Duplicate twice. Placed 2 left of tag the other on right behind laptop.

Bling Star Trail. Re size 50% Mirror. Reduced Opacity to 90%. Right of tag above all layers.

Merge visible. Crop/re size and sharpen to your liking. Add Name and relevant copyright and tube licence.
Save as Png . I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and your happy with your tag :)

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