Sunday, 10 March 2013

PTU Happy Easter

Happy Easter was written by myself on 9th March 2013. Any similarity to any other tag or tutorial is co incidental.

Supplies Needed

Tube of choice. I have used Easter Bunny. Gorgeous new tube from Danny Lee  HERE
Scrap Kit. I used a fab matching kit, Easter Bunny from Bibi's Collection  HERE
Easter Template 2 by Me  HERE

Open Template, duplicate and close original. Delete background and credits. 
In Layer palette - Pink Rectangle. Selections - Float .Paste element 136  re sized to 120%. Selections- Modify - Invert and delete. Select none. Merge down with original temp layer. Drop shadow.

 Layer palette- blue shape. Selections - float. Paste paper 10 re sized to 80%. Selections - invert and delete. Select none and delete original layer.

Layer Palette - Green Oval. Selections - float. Paste paper 1 re sized to 50%. Invert and delete. Select none, delete original layer. Drop shadow

Layer Palette - Border. Selections - float. Paste paper 6 re sized to 60%. Invert and delete. Select none, delete original. Drop shadow.

Yellow Squares. Selections - Float Paste element 136. Invert selection and delete. Select none and delete original squares.
Paste your tube. move to desired position and drop shadow.

Paste desired elements and drop shadow to your liking..... I used

Element 101 flowers. Re sized to 50%. Bottom left above tube layer.

Element 100 cupcake. Re sized to 50%. Bottom right above tube layer.

Element 65 Bunny Bag. Re sized to 40%. Image mirror & rotate right by 15. Beneath Cupcake.

Element 111 Chick. Re sized to 60%. Bottom right. above Cupcake.

Element 69 Purple Egg. Re sized to 50% . Bottom right behind Chick.

Element 83 Purple Bunny. Re Sized to 40%. Image mirror. Bottom left behind flowers.

Element 92 Purple Flower. Re sized to 40%. Rotate left by 6. Bottom left behind bunny.

Element 24. Button Cherries. Re size 70%. Image mirror. Top left.

Element 134 Green Bow. Re sized to 60%. Top left above Button Cherries.

Element 139 Balloons. Re sized to 60%. Right of tag. Behind tube layer.

Element 47 Sequins. Re sized to 75%. Right of tag. Above Balloons, beneath tube.

Element 136 Blue Scatter. Re sized 70%. Place top of tag beneath all other layers. Duplicate mirror and flip. Position copy at bottom of tag. 

For the word art. I flood filled with gradient, applied a little noise and used Shadowlab on a low setting with no blur.

Merge layers and crop/re size and sharpen to your liking. Add name and relevant copyright information.
Save as Png. Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and your happy with the results. Sal :)

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