Friday, 29 March 2013

FTU Inked And Proud (No Scrap)

Update - The template for this tutorial is currently unavailable. I have left the tut up for those whom may already have the template or who want to use create a different one..
Inked and proud was written by Me on 27th March 2013. It is of my own idea and creation and any similarity to any other tag or tutorial is co incidental.

Supplies Needed
Tube of choice- Preferably 1 featuring a tattoo. I have used 'Style Life' a fabulously sexy new tube by Arthur Crowe  HERE
Template 2 by Marilyn @ Marilyn's Creationz  HERE 
Mask of choice
Word Art of choice. If you want to use the one I made, you can download it  HERE

Filters Used
EyeCandy - Chrome
Xero - Radiance

Open Template, duplicate and close original. Delete credits and valentine word art.
In layer palette - Rectangle 1.  Selections - Float. Paste a close up of your chosen tube and move a tattooed section beneath the selected area. De float - invert and delete. Apply Radiance to suit your tube and change blend mode to luminance legacy. Select none.

Rectangle 2 . Repeat what you did for previous layer but paste a facial close up inside the selection. For the smaller love word art within this rectangle I adjusted the colour using Colour Balance - Manual colour correction.

Rectangle 3 . Repeat as for rectangle 1 again but select a different part of your close up for inside the selection and lower your opacity a little. I had mine at 75.

Rectangle 4. Selections- float- new raster layer. Flood fill inside the selection with a linear gradient made up of 2 colours from your tube. Angle 45- Repeats-1. Select none. Adjust gaussian blur by 10 and apply Xero- Radiance to your liking. For word art within this rectangle change blend mode to hard light.

Frame layers. Apply EyeCandy Chrome. Settings I used below. Drop shadow.

Paste your main tube and duplicate, drop shadow the original and on your copy adjust gaussian blur by 3 and change blend mode to soft light. Paste word art and drop shadow.

Mask layer- open new raster layer at bottom of palette. Flood fill with a colour or gradient. I used Metal Steel preset gradient - set on linear with angle at 45. Re size layer 97% and load mask from disk- fit to layer. In layer palette delete mask and merge group. I re sized 90% and used raster deform to position.

Merge Visible. Crop/re size and sharpen to your liking. Add name and relevant copyright and licence info. Save as Png... and were done. Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and you're happy with your tag. Sal :)


  1. Hi Sally. I just bought this Arthur Crowe tube to do the Inked and Proud tut. I tried to get the template but it keeps saying I don't have access because I am not invited. Now that I got the tube to do the tut, I would really like access to the template. Is there anything you can do to help me out?



  2. Hi Gail.
    Looks like Marilyn has made her blog private. I don't know how she can be contacted to request permission Sorry :(



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