Monday, 4 February 2013

Psp Templates 16-18

Good evening folks. I've been enjoying the last few waking hours of my extended rare weekend off from work, It's been bliss. I've been in Psp heaven.There was a Valentines PJ Party over at Creative Chicks, which I took literally, staying in my Jammies til way past lunch. There always great and this one was extra special for me as my templates were some used in one of the Challenges. Thank you Rhonda :) I' ve got some fabulous tags to show off and it's a real buzz to see you guys using my temps to make your gorgeous taggies. If you use my temps for a tag or tutorial and want to send me any of your creations, I ll proudly blog them and show them off, Just drop me a mail to my g mail account. And if your not already a member of Creative Chicks - get yourself over there. Fantastic forum with great challenges and exclusive tuts n such, The staff and members are fab, you wont meet a more friendly, creatively talented bunch :) 
If you been to my blog before, you ll see I' ve been playing around again ! I loved the old look but the colours weren't so kind on my eyes, so I tamed it down a little. Still finding my way round but I'm getting there.
I' ve also had time to make some word art and a few new psp templates, 3 of which you ll find below and the other set ( princess themed ) I need to do the previews for, but Ill hopefully get them up tomorrow after work. Crikey look at me prattling on . I shall bid you goodnight, Happy Psp ing, hope you like the temps. Sal xoxo

I made some extra Word art to go with template 17 (Close Up), Here's the preview and the link is below.

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