Thursday, 14 February 2013

FTU Starry eyed

Starry Eyed was written by myself on the 14th February 2013. Any similarity to any other tag or tutorial is co incidental.
I dedicate this tutorial to my sis Ely. It s been nearly a year since she got me back into psp and hooked on tagging and I know she's a fan of this template :)  Always encouraging and supportive in everything I do in life. She's our family rock and I hope she knows how much we all love and appreciate her. Not just my sister, my best friend too xoxo

Supplies Needed
Tube of choice- I have used the amazing artwork of Arthur Crowe. Available HERE
Gorgeous FTU Scrap kit Dream E-scape by Kirsty @ Kirstys scraps HERE
Template 18 by Me HERE

Filters Used
Eyecandy-Gradient Glow/Shadowlab

Open template, duplicate and close original. Delete credits, background and both circle stars. In layer palette - Blue rectangle 1, select-float-new raster layer. Go to materials palette-Pattern-Graphic 08-Angle 8- Scale 75, flood fill inside selection, Select None and delete original layer. Repeat this for blue rectangle 2, Changing your angle of your pattern to 352.

Layer Palette-merge black circle 1 and 2. Select-float and paste paper 7 resized to 70%. You will notice that your paper doesn't quite fit inside the selection. This is ok as we want a black edge to our circles and we will be merging down with the original template layer. Defloat-invert and delete. Apply Xero -Radiance, see settings below.  Select none and merge down.

Layer palette-Red Rectangle. Select- float and add a new raster layer. Flood fill with a 2 colour linear gradient (I used black and purple taken from circles) Angle- 45 repeats -0. Select none and delete original layer. Drop shadow.

White rectangle. Select -float-new raster layer. Flood fill with a dark colour (I used grey) Apply Penta Jeans with settings at - amount-40, border width-2, interval-2. Select none and again merge this new layer down with the original, we want to keep the white border. Drop shadow.

Back to layer palette-Grey rectangle. Select -float-new raster layer. Flood fill with a 2 colour gradient (My foreground is a green taken from tube, background Black) Angle- 45, repeats-0. Apply texture effects-weave. See settings below.

 Paste a close up of your tube inside the selection, defloat-invert and delete. Apply Xero-radiance and change blend mode to luminance legacy. Select none. Delete original layer.
Next step applies to both small circles and whites stripes. Select-float. Paste paper 10, defloat-invert and delete, select none. Drop shadow. Delete original layers.

Large star, Select-float and paste paper 4 resized at 50%. Defloat-invert and delete, select none, delete original. Duplicate the star and select - float the duplicate. Defloat-modify-contract by 6-invert and delete. Select none. change blend mode of original (bottom copy) to multiply. Small star stripes - Eyecandy gradient glow. Thin, width 3 colour/opacity as desired.

Paste your main tube and apply Xero-Radiance as/if required. Drop shadow. Move to desired position. I used eraser tool to remove the bottom of large rectangle (close up) that was below her head. Depending on which tube you use , you may not need to do this.

Layer palette again. Large wordart. Adjust-color balance-manual colour correction. Choose desired colour and apply. Drop shadow or shadow lab to your preference. I applied Eyecandy- shadow lab-settings-Direction-315, distance- 2, opacity-100, blur-0, black. Repeat again if you want a stronger effect. Smaller wordart, shadowlab as above with no repeat.

Add elements of choice and dropshadow. I used...
Glitter stars-resize 90%. Bottom of tag, behind all other layers, duplicate and flip. Move into position.
Star scatter-resize 50%. Left of tag. Use eraser tool to delete unwanted stars that overhang.
String-resize 35%. top left of tag. Duplicate-mirror-flip, position copy bottom right of tag.

Add Name and relevant copyright info. Merge visible, crop/resize and save as PNG. Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and your happy with your tag , Sal :)

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