Monday, 11 February 2013

FTU Don't stop moving

Don't stop moving was written by myself on the 11th of February 2013. Any similarity to any other tag or tutorial is co-incidental.

Supplies Needed
Tube of choice. I have used the amazing artwork of Keith Garvey, available HERE
FTU Scrap kit - Guitar Star by Addictive Pleasures HERE
Mask WSL 184 by Chelle HERE
Template 23 by Me HERE

Filters Used
EyeCandy-Shadowlab (optional)

Right, best put the kettle on and grab your comfy cushion, I've written an epic here ! No I'm jesting, it just appears lengthy. If you delete the amount of times I've written Selections-select all-float-defloat- invert-delete and select none, There would be hardly any tut at all lol. To cut a long story short, we'll be using selections a lot.

Open template, duplicate and close original. Delete credits and background layer. In layer palette go to black rectangle. Selections-select all-float. Paste paper 12 as a new layer. Selections-defloat- invert and hit delete. select none and delete original layer.

Layer Palette-white rectangle. Selections-select all-float, paste paper 11 resized by 60 %. Selections-defloat-invert and delete, select none. Apply Photoeffex-Scanlines with settings below.

 Delete original Layer.
Back to layer palette.Merge the 2 grey rounded rectangles and selections-select all- float, open a new raster layer and flood fill with a 2 colour Linear gradient (I used Black & Gold) angle 45 repeats 2. Change blend mode to overlay, select none and merge layer down. Still with this layer Selections and float again, Paste a close up of your tube into one of the rectangles and place in desired position. Selections-defloat-invert and delete any overhang. Select None.Duplicate your tube and image-mirror, It should automatically fit inside the opposite rectangle. Merge the 2 tube layers. Apply Xero-Radiance to your liking and change blend mode to lumiance legacy. Now merge this layer down with your rectangles. Duplicate this now merged layer and working with the copy, Selections-select all-float. Defloat-modify and contract by 5, Invert and hit delete. Select None. In layer palette go to original copy and change blend mode to Multiply. Add dropshadow if you wish.

Layer palette, Grey circle. Select float and paste paper 7. Defloat-invert-delete.Select none. Edge effects-Enhance and apply Xero Radiance. Delete original grey circle and back to your copy to apply a border. Select all- float-defloat- modify-select selection borders. Settings-Both sides width 4, anti alias checked. Open a new raster layer and flood fill inside your selection with black. Select None. Go to adjust- Apply Noise-Gaussian-35-Monochrome checked. Add a drop shadow to your liking.
Small Grey Squares. Take your magic wand and click inside each square. Promote selection to layer. Paste paper 11 and defloat-invert and delete. Select None. Apply Vertical scanlines s before. Back in layer palette delete promoted selection. On the templates original squares add noise, settings as before. Select your Inner squares again and float. paste a copy of your tube resized to fit inside the top right hand square. Defloat-invert and delete your excess. Select None. Duplicate and mirror and move image down to fit inside bottom left square. merge tube layers down and change blend mode to hard light.

Paste elements of your choice. Dropshadow to your liking. I added ...
Music notes 2-resized to 60%. Placed inside circle, beneath border, Eraser excess.
Sparkles-resized to 80%. Behind circle, lower half of tag.
Ribbon Eyelets 2- resized to 60%. Behind circle, over rectangles, to the right of tag.
Single music note 2-resized to 20%. Placed over top left square, Duplicate- mirror over bottom right square.

Paste your main tube and move below funky wordart. Apply Xero-radiance to your liking and drop shadow.
Funky wordart- select -all float and paste paper 11. Defloat-invert and delete. Select none. Delete original. I added EyeCandy Shadowlab-Black-distance 2-opacity 100, Direction 9. Duplicate and move the copy upto the top of your tag and change blend mode to lumiance legacy. Go back to bottom copy and (depending on tube used) make it a little larger. If you ve used a half tube you ll want it to disguise where your tube ends. I resized by 105%. For Dont stop moving wordart, apply shadowlab or drop shadow to your liking.

Nearly Finished... go to very bottom of layer palette and paste paper 10. Resize to 95%. Load mask from disk-fit to layer. In layer palette, delete mask and merge group. use your raster deform tool to stretch it out to fit your tag to your liking. Change opacity to 80%.
Add Your name and relevant copyright info. Merge Visible, crop and sharpen. Save as Png.
Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and are pleased with your Tag, Sal :)

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