Sunday, 5 May 2013

PTU Walk On The Wild Side

Walk on the wild side was written by Myself on 4th May 2013. It is my own idea and creation. Any similarity to any other tag or tutorial is co incidental.

Supplies Needed

Tube of choice. I have used the amazing artwork of Arthur Crowe  HERE
Ptu Scrap kit... Dangerous B by Skyscraps  HERE
Mask 133 by Vaybs  HERE

Filters Used
Xero - Radiance
Xero - Nostalgia
DS - Dark Glass
Penta - Jeans

Open a new image 700 x 700. C/paste paper 5. Adjust gaussian blur by 3 and re size layer 85%. Load mask from disk - fit to layer and in layer palette delete mask and merge group. Re size again 85% and use raster deform tool to stretch out mask horizontally on each side by a couple of millimetres. 
Go to selections and float the mask. C/paste a close up of your tube and move into desired position below selection. top right of Image. De float, Invert and hit delete. Select none. Change blend mode of tube to screen and reduce opacity to around 40. Go back to mask layer, floating it will have deepened the opacity so reduce it  to your liking. I had mine at 85.

C/paste element 19-Firework. Re size 90% and position to left of close up. Roughly top centre of Image. D/shadow to your liking. 
C/paste element 41 - Brick Wall. Re size 40% and position top left of Image Behind firework layer and d/shadow.
C/paste element 60 -Pump. Re size to 55% and position bottom right of Image. Above this place element 61-Car re sized to 90%. D/shadow. C/paste element 15 - Cloud re sized 70 %. Position beneath car at bottom of image and apply Penta - Jeans - settings - 94 - 2 - 2. Change blend mode to multiply.

C/paste your main tube. Position to left of car. Apply Xero radiance to suit and d/shadow. 
To the top left of image, behind tube layer, above wall layer, C/paste element 62-walk sign. Re size to 40% and rotate left by 4. Behind this place element 53 - Paint Splatter re sized to 30%. D/shadow. 

C/paste Element 3-star frame. Mirror and re size to 60%. Position to left of tag. Behind Walk sign. Take your magic wand tool and click in centre to float. Modify expand by 3. Add a new raster layer. Flood fill with a 2 colour linear gradient. I had foreground on grey, background on black. Angle - 90 Repeats - 4.
Select none and move new layer below frame layer. Apply DC filters- Dark glass. reflection and threshold on 128. Then apply Penta - Jeans - Settings-94-2-2. Change Blend mode to Multiply.

C/paste element 68 - Polaroid  re sized to 25 %. Again using magic wand, click centre to float. C/paste your tube mirrored in opposite direction to other copies. Position beneath selection, invert and delete. Select none. Apply Xero - Nostalgia ( settings I used below ) Reduce opacity to 80 and merge layer down. Rotate to left by 6. Duplicate, mirror copy and re size 96%. Move beneath original. D/shadow.

C/paste element 67 - Barbed Wire. Re size to 75%. Position in between Polaroid layers and use eraser tool to remove the right half of element that extends onto the car. D/shadow.

Merge Visible. Crop/re size and sharpen to your liking. Add Name and relevant copyright and tube licence. Save as Png.
Thanks for stopping by. i hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and your pleased with the results.
Sal :)

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