Thursday, 2 May 2013

FTU What's New Pussycat

What's New Pussycat was written by myself on the 1st of May 2013. It is my own idea and creation and any similarity to any other tag or tutorial is co incidental.


Tube of choice. I have used a fantastic PinUp Toon 'Cosplay kitten'  from CDO  HERE  It was the inspiration for the fabulous ftu kit ' Inspired by PinUp Toons' created by Tasha @ Tasha's Playground as part of Aprils fantastically free blog train. You can get it  HERE  Don't forget to leave a thank you.:)
Template 38 Pussycat by Me HERE

Open template, duplicate and close original. Re size all layers 110% and adjust canvas size to 700 x 700.
Delete credits, background and dotted rectangle layers.

In layer palette - Merge black rectangle 1 and 2. Selections-float c/paste a paper from kit ( I used paper 5, rotated 90 degrees) De float, invert the selection and hit delete. Select none and delete original template layer. Drop Shadow to your liking.

Layer Palette - Grey Oval - Float. C/paste paper from kit ( I used paper 6 ) De float, Invert and delete. Select none and delete original temp layer. Apply Noise - Gaussian - 25. D/shadow.

Layer palette - Black Oval - Repeat as above, choosing different paper. I used paper 7.

Layer palette - Merge Grey rectangle 1 and 2. Float and c/ paste paper of choice. I used paper 6. De float, invert and delete. Select none. Change blend mode to hard light and merge down with original template layer. D/shadow.

Layer palette - Merge Paws. Float. C/paste paper 6. De float, invert and delete. Select none. Change blend mode to hard light and merge layer down with temp layer. Apply Noise- Gaussian - 25. D/Shadow.

C/Paste Scratches element re sized to 40%. Position top left of image above rectangles. Duplicate and move copy down and slightly to right. Repeat so there are 3 copies. when you are happy with positioning merge and drop shadow.

C/Paste your tube. Position above and to the right of scratches. Behind word art layers. D/shadow.

C/Paste remaining elements of choice from kit and drop shadow as desired. I used ...

Milk Bottle 1 - Re sized 70%. Bottom left of Image. Above temp layers. Behind word art.

Food Dish - Re sized 50%. Bottom left above milk bottle.

Yarn - Re sized 50%. Bottom left above food dish.

Flower 3 - Re sized 70%. Position bottom left behind yarn.

Lollipop 2 - Re size 60%. Left of tag behind Milk Bottle.

Mouse - Re size 40%. Top left of tag above lollipop 2.

Word Art 1 - Re size 45%. Top left of tag. Behind Mouse. Duplicate and move copy to bottom right of image behind word art.

Scatter - Re size 70%. Position left of image above rectangle layer. behind ovals. Duplicate and mirror copy to right.

Bow 2 - 80%. Bottom right. Behind word art and paws layers.

Lollipop - Re size 65 %.  Right of Tag. Behind bow layer.

Fish Bones - Re size 40%. Position Centre of image to left of tube. Duplicate, mirror copy and move to top right of image.

Word Art - I adjusted colour balance using manual color correction, added noise - gaussian - 20 to Pussycat and added a slight shadow using EyeCandy - Shadowlab.

Merge visible. Crop/re size and sharpen to your liking and add name, relevant artist copyright and licence info. Save as Png.... Done.
Thank you for stopping by and trying this tutorial. I hope you are pleased with your tag.
Sal :)

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