Friday, 28 July 2017

FTU Gone Fishing

This tutorial was written by myself. This tag is my own idea and creation.
Any similarity to any other tutorial or tag is co incidental.
Please read my tutorial basics (located top left sidebar) before you begin.

Supplies Needed
Ftu Scrap kit 'Magic of the Ocean' by Graphics of Fantasy Designs  HERE
Tube. I have used 'Kitten and Goldfish by Laguna
Mask 2 set 135 by Rachel Designs  HERE
Save to mask folder.

No Filters used. 

Open a new image 700x700.
Starting with the mask layer. From kit c/paste paper 4. Resize to 90%.
Load mask from disk - fit to layer.
In layer palette, delete mask and merge group. 
Resize to 90%.

From kit c/paste Element 85 Rope resized to 80%. Rotate right 90 degrees.
Using magic wand tool click in the centre to float the inner.
Selections - Modify - Expand by 4.
From kit c/paste Element 28 Fishing net resized to 70%. Move below Rope in layer palette.
Move the net around until you are happy with  how it looks within the Rope frame.
Selections - Invert - Delete - Select none.
Duplicate Net layer. Change blend mode of top copy to Multiply. Merge down.
Drop shadow the rope layer and again merge down.
Go to Effects - Image Effects - Offset . Change vertical offset to 20 and apply.

Copy and paste your chosen tube. Position roughly centre of canvas. You can jig it around to your liking as the other elements go on. D/shadow. 
Now lets add some elements.
D/shadow as you go...

44 Sand. Resized to 80%.  Position along the bottom behind your tube layer. Duplicate. Go to bottom copy and Adjust - Blur - Gaussian blur 2.

87 Water Ripple. Resized to 80%. Rotate right by 2 degrees. Place at bottom above the sand. Just slightly lower down the canvas.

26 Grass. Resized to 60%. Position at the left side of tag, above the rope behind tube layer.

18 Paper boat. Resized to 30%. Place left above grass, behind tube.

82 Starfish. Resized to 20 %. Bottom left above boat layer.

138 Mosquito. Resized to 20%. Position on the left above the grass. Duplicate. Mirror the copy and position elsewhere on the grass. Merge down so that both insects are on the same layer. Duplicate again to make them stand out more.

58 Mooring Post. Resized to 50%. Place on the right side of the canvas behind tube layer.

69 Rocks/Grass. Resized to 35%. Bottom right above Mooring post. Behind tube.

125 fishing Rod. Resized to 55%. Image -  Mirror. Position on the right above grass as though its resting against the mooring post.

68 Fish on twine. Resized to 25%. Bottom of tag behind tube above water.

Merge all layers. Crop to your liking. I usually sharpen at this point rather than each separate element as I go along. Adjust - Sharpness - Unsharp Mask 5.0 - 30 -5.
Add name and relevant artist copyright and tube licence info.
Save as Png.
Thank you for stopping by and trying this tutorial. I hope you are pleased with your tag. Sal xoxo

Same tag using the artwork of Eskada also at Pics for design 

Tags by Silvia

Animated Tag by Betsy


  1. Here's my try, I made my own animation the water in the bucket and with fishes, that came with the tube, I do hope you like it. xx

    1. I love it Betsy thank you. The animation is fantastic !!


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