Saturday, 1 July 2017

Back From The Bermuda Triangle

Hello all ...I hope you are well.

I've been away from the Psp world for a little while.. well 3 years to be exact.
(Reasons that I won't bore you with)  
To my old friends, forums I was a member at or if I did Ct work for you at that time...I can only apologise for going off the radar so abruptly.

So a couple of months ago I dusted off the old Paintshop Pro and began dipping a toe back in so to speak.. I've enjoyed it. I've been tagging, blog walking (visiting old faves) and checking out all the new and fabulous tubes and artists out there, a spark has been re ignited. Oh how I've missed it all and everyone!!
It's led me back here...
I'm still finding my feet again but over the next few weeks I'm hoping to get my blog back on track. Fix any broken links of mine... Unfortunately as often happens with old tuts if a scrap designers link to a kit has become invalid and I'm not able to contact them.. then there is little I can do about that...sorry.

I'm currently designing a new blog header etc to zazz it up a little. A couple of new tutorials to write up and maybe some new templates in the pipeline...
Who knows...hopefully you'll pop back and visit again soon.
Sally xoxo


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