Sunday, 16 February 2014

FTU Crazy 4 You

Crazy 4 you was written by myself on 15th February 2014. It is my own idea and creation. Any similarity to any other tag or tutorial is co incidental.

Supplies Needed

Tube. I have used the gorgeous artwork of VeryMany at

Fantastic Ftu scrap kit is Love Overdose by Gaby/ Disturbed Scraps HERE

Please leave the designers a thank you when downloading :)

Mask wsl 143 by Chelle at Weescotslass Creations

Template is by Me. You can get it  HERE

Font used Carpenter

Filters/Plug ins Used

PhotoEffex - Scanlines
Tramages - Waffle
EyeCandy - Chrome/Glass
Xero - Porcelain
Mura's Meister - Copies - Encircle

Open the template, duplicate and close original. Delete credits, smaller circle layers, large word art and background.

Starting with the mask layer. C/paste paper 1 with a gaussian blur of 3 and re size to 80% . Move paper to bottom of layer palette. 
Layers - Load mask from disk - fit to layer. In layer palette- delete mask and merge group.
Apply PhotoEffex - Scanlines on default setting.

In layer palette - Grey circle. Selections - Select all - Float.
C/paste paper 5 re sized to 70% with a gaussian blur of 5.
De float - Invert - Delete. Select None and delete temp layer.
Apply filter Tramages - Waffle - X and Y set at 25.
To make the Frame/ border. Selections - Select all - Float.
 De Float - Modify - Select selection borders
Both sides - Border width 5 - Anti alias checked.
Add new raster layer and flood fill with black.
Select none and apply filter EyeCandy - Chrome (settings below) D/shadow.

In layer palette - Merge Top and Bottom Pink Stripe.
Selections - Select all - Float.
C/paste paper 5 - 70% - Gaussian Blur 5.
De float - Invert - Delete.
Select none and delete temp layer.
Again apply Tramages - Waffle as previous layer.
Apply PhotoEffex - Scanlines (default settings)
Duplicate layer and change blend mode on top copy to Dodge.
Shadow the bottom copy.

Layer palette - Red Rectangle. Apply Filter EyeCandy - Glass- Use preset Ruby in the filters settings menu
 (see pic below) D/ shadow.
Apply same filter and preset to Top and Bottom Heart layers and shadow.

Layer Palette - Pink Rectangle - Selections - Select all - Float.
C/paste paper 2 re sized to 70% and with a gaussian blur of 15.
De float - Invert - Delete.

Whilst still selected, above the paper layer c/paste a close up of your tube. Position to your liking within the floating rectangle and hit delete again to remove excess tube. Select none.
Delete original temp layer and d/shadow rectangle.
Apply Xero - Porcelain to tube - default settings and change blend mode to luminance legacy, opacity to around 60. 

Layer palette - Small Word Art - change blend mode to Soft Light.

C/paste and position your main tube and d/shadow.

Now work desired elements from kit around the tube and template layers. D/shadow to your liking.
 I used ....

Element 33 - Floral Bouquet - 65%. Position bottom right of tag behind tube layer. Duplicate and mirror copy to left. D/shadow.

Element 18 - XO Ribbon - 50%- Rotate right by 18. Bottom right of tag behind Bouquet. Duplicate and mirror copy to left. D/shadow.

Element 63 - Wine Glass - 60%. Bottom right above Bouquet behind tube layer. D/shadow.

Element 38 - Envelope - 45% - Rotate left by 15. Bottom right behind Wine Glass. D/shadow.

Element 16 - Ribbon - 65%. Top left of tag above template layers. D/shadow.

Element 13 - Leaves 1 - 70% - Rotate left by 45. Position top right behind Rectangle temp layer. Duplicate mirror copy to left. Merge down and reduce opacity to around 50. D/shadow.

31 Floral Swag - 65% Position top of tag behind top of Frame. D/shadow.

Element 65 - Bling - 25% Apply Filter Mura's Copies - Encircle. ( settings below ) Position above mask layer. D /shadow.

Merge all layers. Crop/re size to your liking. I usually sharpen at this point rather than each separate element as I go along. Adjust - Sharpness - Unsharp Mask 5.0 - 30 -5.
Add name and relevant artist copyright and tube licence info.
Save as Png.

Thank you for stopping by and trying this tutorial. I hope you are pleased with the results.
Sal :)

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