Thursday, 1 August 2013

FTU Most Beautiful

Most Beautiful was written by Myself on 1st August 2013. It is my own idea and creation. Any similarity to any other tag or tutorial is co incidental.

Supplies Needed.

Tube - I have used the beautiful artwork of VeryMany   HERE

Gorgeous Ftu Scrap kit is ' Lovely Embrace ' by Mirella - A Space Between   HERE

Template 293 by Millie - Millies Psp Madness  HERE

Mask 37 by Bev - HorsePlay's Pastures   HERE

Don't forget to leave the designers a little love :)

Filters Used

Penta - Jeans 

Open template, duplicate and close off original. Re size all layers to 90% and reset canvas size to 700 x 700. Delete credits and background.
In layer palette select layer 1 - Selections - select all - float. C/paste paper 2. De float, invert the selection and hit delete. Select none and delete original template layer. D/shadow.

Layer palette - Merge layers 2 and 3. Selections - select all - float. C/paste paper 9. De float, invert and delete. Select none and delete template layer. Duplicate layer and re size 95%. Float C/paste paper 2. De float - invert - delete. Select none, delete the duplicate layer and d/shadow. Apply Penta - Jeans to bottom /larger copy of layer. Settings 94 - 2 - 2. Reduce opacity to 80%.

Layer palette - Merge layers 4 and 5. Selections - select all - float. C/paste paper 13. De float, invert and delete. Select none and delete temp layer. Apply Effects - Texture Effects - Daze.. See settings below. D/shadow.

Layer Palette - Layer 6. Selections - select all - float. Add new raster layer and flood fill with a 2 colour gradient. Colours taken from your tube. Linear - Angle 45 - Repeats 1. Whilst the circle is still selected c/paste a close up of your tube and position towards right side of selection. Invert selection and hit delete. Select none. change blend mode of tube to Screen and lower opacity to your liking.

C/paste your main tube. Position to left of close up and d/shadow. Now work desired elements from kit around tube and template layers and drop shadow to your liking. I used ......

14 - Red flower - 205%. Position behind the circle template layer. Duplicate and move copy to top left behind  the template layers and reduce opacity to 80.

15 - White Flower - 3 copies positioned in a semi circle. Top of tag behind red flower.

25 - Leaves - 50%. Top left, behind red flower layer. Duplicate mirror copy to right moving down slightly so not quite symmetrical . Duplicate top left copy again and move to bottom left behind tube. Duplicate and mirror copy to right.

34 - Curved Tulips - 60%.  Image  - Mirror. position left of tag above frame behind tube.

41 - Flower Box - 50% - Rotate right by 8. Bottom right behind tube.

1 - Ribbon - 80%. Top of tag. Behind leaves, above white flowers.

8 - White Feathers - 80%. Left of tag behind white flowers. Duplicate and mirror copy to right. Moving down, so again not symmetrical.

42 - Heart -50%. Image Mirror. Bottom right of tag behind Flower Box..

12 Buckets - 50%. Right of tag.

Mask layer - C/paste paper 13. Load mask from disk - Fit to layer. In layer palette delete mask and merge group. Apply Penta - Jeans, settings as before. Use raster deform to stretch and  position to your liking and reduce opacity to around 70%.

Merge layers. Crop/re size and sharpen to your liking. Add name and relevant copyright and tube licence info. Save as Png.

Thank you for stopping by and trying this tutorial. I hope you are happy with the results.
Sal :)

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