Thursday, 11 July 2013

FTU Oceans Daughter

Oceans Daughter was written by Myself on 10th July 2013. It is my own idea and creation. Any similarity to any other tag or tutorial is co incidental. 

Supplies Needed.
Tube -I have used 'Dark Mermaid 2' the gorgeous artwork of The Hunter now available from SATC  HERE
Fab Ftu Scrapkit is 'Anarchy Mermaid' by Bibi's Collection  HERE
Please leave a thank you when downloading :)
I used 2 masks, wsl 95 and wsl 96 by Chelle  HERE

Filters Used
Xero - Radiance

Open a new image 700 x 700. C/paste Paper 5 as a new layer. Re size to 75%. Using wsl mask 95 - Load mask from disk - Fit to layer. In layer palette delete mask and merge group. Adjust gaussian blur by 1.

Add a new raster layer and flood fill with black. Using wsl mask 96 - Load mask from disk - Fit to layer. In layer palette delete mask and merge group. Duplicate this mask layer and move copy to the bottom of layer palette below first mask layer (mask 95) and re size to 110%. Reduce opacity to 75 on both black mask layers.

 C/paste Element 1 - Ships Wheel as a new layer. D/ shadow. Using your freehand selection tool draw a rough circle within the edges of the wheel. ( pic below )

C/paste a close up of your tube. Apply Xero - Radiance to suit. Position within the selection. Selections menu - invert and hit delete. Select none and move tube layer below wheel layer. Change blend mode of tube to hard light and opacity to 90%.

C/paste Element 81 - Wire. Re size to 50%. Position top left of image behind wheel and close up layer. Duplicate the wire and Image - Mirror - Flip the copy to the bottom right of image. Merge the 2 wire layers and duplicate again. Rotate the copy right by 90 degrees and merge layer down again. Apply a shadow and use your eraser tool to remove wire that shows above tube on the left side of the inner wheel.
Above this layer C/paste Element 75 - Bubbles. D/shadow.

Copy, paste and position your main tube. Duplicate. On the top copy adjust gaussian blur by 3 and change blend mode to soft light. D/shadow the original ( bottom ) copy.

Work desired elements from kit around your tube and d/shadow to your liking. I used ....

62 Orange Weed - Mirror. Rotate left by 12 degrees. Position to right, behind tube, above wheel.

64 Black Anemone - Re size 70%. Bottom right of tag above orange weed. Shadow.

42 Black Flower - Re size 50%. Mirror. Bottom right above Anemone.

76 Large Bubbles - Right of tag. Behind tube.

67 Sea Plant - Re size 60%. Mirror. Adjust gaussian blur by 1. Opacity at 80%. Bottom of tag behind tube.

67 Sea Plant - Re size 50%. Mirror, Above and to the left of previous copy.

59 Angel Fish - Re size 50%. Behind copy 2 of Sea Plant.

31 Sea Flower - Re size 30%. Bottom left of tag above Sea Plant.

77 Bottle - Re size 45%. Rotate left by 7. Bottom left of tag behind Sea flower.

27 Star Fish - Re size 40%. Bottom left behind Sea Flower.

61 Red Weed. Mirror. Left of tag. Behind wire layer. Opacity 80%.

61 Red Weed. Re size 25%. Bottom above the Bottle behind Sea Flower. Duplicate and move copy to the left behind  Sea Flower.

2 Jellyfish - 50%. Left of tag above wheel.

Merge Layers. Re size/crop and sharpen to your liking. Add name and relevant copyright and licence info. Save as Png.

Thank you for stopping by and trying this tutorial. I hope you are pleased with your tag.
Sal :)

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