Thursday, 20 June 2013

FTU Party Rockers

Party Rockers was written by Myself on 20th June 2013. It is my own idea and creation. Any similarity to any other tag or tutorial is co incidental.

Supplies Needed

Tube of choice. I have used the awesome artwork of Diana Gali. Available from SATC  HERE
Amazing Ftu Scrap kit is 'Rock My Lollipop'. A collab by Kristin and Justine. I have used Kristin's part. You can find this on her blog, Toxic Desirez  HERE
( : please leave some love when snagging : )

Filters Used
Mura's Meister - Copies
Cybia - Screenworks

Open a new image 700 x 700. C/paste the CD element from kit re sized to 95%  in the centre of the canvas.
C/paste Splatter element from kit re sized 50 %. Apply Mura's - Copies - Encircle. Settings below. Move this layer behind CD layer.

  Above the CD layer C/paste Frame re sized to 75%.

Using your magic wand tool click inside the centre of frame to float the inner circle. Selections - Modify - Expand by 3. C/paste a close up of your tube and position to the left of the floating circle. Invert the selection and hit delete. Select none. Change blend mode to Burn. Move the tube layer below the frame.

C/Paste your main tube roughly centrally above the frame. Add a drop shadow. With this tube in place go back to your close up and using eraser tool, remove close up that exceeds right of your main tube.

In layer palette select CD layer again. Using your freehand selection tool draw a semi circle to the right of the Cd keeping within the edge of the black circle on the frame layer.. See pic below...

Once your happy with your selection go to Selections menu and promote selection to layer. Select none. Apply Cybia Screenworks - Boxed Dot - Mode 0.

Now work desired elements from kit around tube and frame. D/shadow to your liking. I used .....

Music Bars - 75%. Behind tube layer centrally across the frame. Apply Shadow.

Buttons - 95%. Behind tube layer. Above Music Bars.

Guitar - 75%. Above Buttons. Left of canvas. Apply Shadow.

Skull - 25%. Mirror - Bottom left above Guitar layer.

Microphone - 60% Rotate right 60 degrees. Bottom right of canvas.

Ticket - 50 %. Rotate left 7 degrees.Bottom right of tag behind Microphone.

Splatter- 50%. Bottom right of canvas. Behind all other layers.

Merge Layers. Crop/re size and sharpen to your liking. Add name and relevant copyright and tube licence info. Save as Png.

Thank you for stopping by and trying this tutorial. I hope you're pleased with your tag.
Sal :)


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