Monday, 22 April 2013

FTU Bad Bad Girl

Bad Bad Girl was written by myself on 21 April 2013. It is my own idea and creation. Any similarity to any other tag or tutorial is co incidental.

Supplies Needed.
Tube/tubes. I have used the amazing artwork of Alex Prihodko. Available from Pics for Design HERE
Fabulous FTU Scrap kit is Bad Girlz By Kittz at Kittz Kreationz  HERE
Wsl Mask 209 By Chelle   HERE
Template 36 by Me HERE

Filters Used
UnPlugged Tools - Jalusi
Xero - Radiance
EyeCandy - Shadowlab

Open template duplicate and close original. Delete credits, background and blue oval layer.
In layer palette - merge grey oval 1 and 2. Selections- Float. C/paste a paper from kit. I used paper 1 re sized  to 80%. De float, invert the selection and hit delete. Select None and delete original template layer. Add a drop shadow.

L Palette- Grey Rectangle. Float, add a new raster layer and flood fill with a 2 colour linear gradient. Angle 45. Repeats - 0. I used Blue/foreground and Dark grey/background taken from my tube. Select None. Duplicate this new gradient layer and working on top copy apply filter - Unplugged Tools - Jalusi ( settings below ) Change blend mode to luminance legacy and merge down with original gradient layer. Delete template layer.

L Palette - Green Oval. Repeat process as used for previous layer. 

C/Paste element 46 frame. Re size to 78%. Position behind the pink square above oval layers. use raster deform tool to stretch it vertically a little. Use the pink oval layer as guide. The frame should just cover it. Then the pink oval layer can be deleted. Drop Shadow the frame.

Back to layer palette. Pink Square - Float and add new raster layer. flood fill with colour/paper of choice. I used black. Select None and merge down with original temp layer. D/shadow. 
L Palette. White Square. Float, add new layer and flood fill with same gradient we used on previous layers.  C/paste tube. I rotated to left slightly and drop shadowed before pasting. Move into desired location below the selection. Invert and hit delete. Select none. Apply Xero - Radiance to suit your tube if you wish.

C/Paste your main tube above template layers. Again d/ shadow and add Radiance if you wish to. Now work chosen elements from kit around your tube and temp layers and drop shadow to your liking. I used ....

59 Bow. Re sized to 50%. Position to top of right of image above rectangle. Add shadow lab. duplicate and mirror copy to left. Shadowlab settings I used see below.

18 Lips. Re sized to 70%. Image - Mirror. Rotate right by 8. Bottom right of tag behind tube.

48 Banner. Re sized to 60%. Position left of tag behind tube. Duplicate and move copy to right. Add Shadowlab.

43 Glitter Splatter. Re sized 50 %. Adjust gaussian blur by 2. Paste behind all layers left of tag. Duplicate and mirror to right. Move and position so that both copies are in line with Banner.

23 Suitcase. Re sized to 50%. Left of tag behind tube layer. Above Banner.

41 Star. Re sized to 70%. Left of tag behind Suitcase. Duplicate re size copy again by 70% and move towards top left .

19 Beads. Re sized to 30%. Rotate right by 58. Left of tag above suitcase, behind tube.

15 Whip. Re sized to 60%. I positioned above tube layer and used eraser tool to remove part of handle so that tube looks as though she is holding it.

40 Razor blade. Re sized to 50%. Mirror the element add Shadowlab and position behind Banner and Bow on the right.

58 Heart. Re size by 30%. Rotate right by 8. Position top right of tag. Duplicate and move copy to left behind suitcase and tube layer. Duplicate again and mirror to right so that this copy is behind Lips.

Mask Layer. Add paper or flood fill a new raster layer at bottom of layer palette with colour or gradient of choice. I used black. Load mask from disk- Fit to layer. In layer palette. delete mask and merge group. Use raster deform to stretch and move into desired position.

Colour, shadow and position word art. Merge all layers and crop/re size and sharpen to your liking. Add name and relevant copyright and tube licence info. Save as Png.

Thank you for stopping by and trying this tutorial. I hope your happy with your tag.
Sal :)

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