Saturday, 26 January 2013

PTU Tutorial- Stupid Cupid

Stupid Cupid was created by myself on 26th Jan 2013. Any similarity to any other tag or tutorial is co-incidental.

Tube of choice. I used the amazing artwork of Arthur Crowe  HERE
Scrapkit. I used a PTU Kit, Valentine Promise By Tiny Turtle Designs. Available from SATC  HERE
Template- Stupid Cupid by Me  HERE

Plug ins Used
Xero- Radiance
Cybia- Screenworks - Dot screen

Lets Begin
Open template. Duplicate and close original. Delete credits and background layer. In layer palette , grey rectangle. Selections- Select all, float. Paste paper 2,  de-float, invert and delete. Select none. Drop shadow.Delete original layer. 

Pink circle and polkadot layers I left as it is. Back in layer palette merge grey circle 1 with grey circle 2. Selections- select all , float and paste paper 27. Selections de-float , invert and delete. Select none Add drop shadow. Delete original layer. 

Large red shape. Selections, select all, add new layer and flood fill with a gradient taken from your tube (I used 2 shades of blue) gradient -linear, angle -45, repeats- 2. Still selected, paste close up of your tube. Apply xero radiance . Duplicate and mirror.Merge down and add a drop shadow. Selections de-float, invert and delete . Apply Cybia Screenworks - Dot screen settings at 0. Change blend to overlay and opacity to 50. select none and delete original layer. 

In layer palette go back to your blue gradient layer, we are going to add a border. Selections- select all, float, de-float, modify select selection borders. Settings - both sides, border width  4 , anti alias checked. Add a new layer and flood fill with a lighter colour than you used in your gradient. Selections, select none. Move this border layer above the tube layer change blend mode to screen and opacity to 50. 
Paste your tube and place slightly off centre to the left. Apply radiance. If you using  the same tube or half tube like mine, neaten using selection tool or eraser. Duplicate tube, add drop shadow to the original. On the duplicate adjust gaussian blur by 3 and change blend mode to soft light. 

Pasting the Elements
 Refer to my tag for placement. Drop shadow to your liking.
Element 22 balloons. Paste, mirror, duplicate, merge down. 
Element 56 bow. Resize by 50%.
Element 44 clouds. Paste, duplicate, mirror and  merge down, resize by 90%,  place beneath rectangle layer and move down towards the bottom of tag.
Element 64 Heart. Paste and free rotate to left by 8. 
Element 35 Floral arrangement. Resize by 80%
Element 78 Butterflies, Resize by 70%
Element 41 Hearts. Duplicate, merge down. Place above clouds along bottom of tag. It will disguise slightly where your tube ends.

For the wordart. Selections- select all, float. Paste paper 23. De-float, invert and delete, change blend mode to multiply. Select none. Delete original wordart layer. Now merge your new layer down with wordart shadow layer and place in desired position. I just moved it down slightly.
Add your name and copyright info. Merge visible, crop and sharpen and that's it done. Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and are pleased with your tag :) Sal xoxo

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