Sunday, 25 August 2013

FTU September Sunset

September Sunset was written by Myself on 25th August 2013. It is my own idea and creation. Any similarity to any other tag or tutorial is co incidental.

Supplies Needed
Tube of choice. A sitting one preferably. I have used the beautiful artwork of VeryMany. This tube is at  Pics For Design

Gorgeous Ftu Scrap Kit is 'Early Fall' by Nicky at  Inzpired Creationz Freebiez
( You will find this kit as part of bundle 3. Please leave thanks when downloading)

Font used is One Starry Night.

Mask I used is 1 of my own. If you d like it just left click image
for original size and right click to save to your computer.

Filters Used
Tramages - Waffle

Open a new image 700 x 700.

We are going to start by making our frame.

With foreground and background colour set as black go to Preset Shapes and create a rectangle on your canvas. Click on the Edit mode arrow on the tool bar and set your Horizontal radius to 120 and Vertical radius to 100. Width 500- Height 350. ( See Pic ) 

Objects Menu - Align - Center in canvas. Click apply and convert from vector to raster layer. 

Selections - Select all - Float - De- float - Modify - Contract by 30. Hit delete. Select none.
We should now have a basic black frame, so lets pimp it up.

Selections - Select all - Float. C/paste paper 10 from kit. De float - Invert - Delete.
Select none.
Apply Tramages - Waffle with settings - X-34 Y-35 and 3D Effects - Inner Bevel

(Settings I used)

Delete original Black Frame.
With the frame done we can now fill it with a paper. Click in centre of frame with magic wand to float. Selections - Modify - Expand by 3. C/paste paper 3 re sized to 80%. Invert the selection and hit delete.
Select none. Move paper layer below frame. D/shadow frame and merge the 2 layers.

C/paste your tube. Position centrally above frame and d/shadow.  Now work desired elements from kit around frame and tube layers and d/shadow to your liking. I used...

Grassy Hill - Position behind tube and frame on the lower half of canvas so that your tube appears to be sitting on it.

Mushrooms 1 - Re sized to 70%. Right side of canvas, above Frame, behind tube.

Leaves 1 - Position bottom right behind tube, above Mushrooms. Duplicate and mirror copy to left.

Log - 55%. Rotate right by 9 degrees. Bottom left of canvas behind tube.

Pine Cones - 15%. Rotate left by 3. Bottom left, behind Leaves.

Lantern - 50%. Rotate left by 3. Position on the left behind Leaves.

Critter 2 Fox - 50%. Behind lantern layer on the left. Reduce opacity to 80%.

Flowers 2 - 50%. Top right of Frame. Duplicate and mirror copy to left. Move left side copy behind the Fox.

Flowers 3 - 40%.  Bottom of tag above the Log, behind tube.

Moth - 15%. Rotate right by 12. Top left of frame above flowers 2. Duplicate and mirror copy to left. Move down and position above Mushrooms.

Sun - 70%. Middle of tag. Behind tube.

Mask layer - Open mask and minimise. C/paste paper of choice from kit. ( I used paper 7) Re size to 90%. Layers  - New Mask Layer - From Image. Select the mask from drop down menu. Source Luminance checked. In layer palette - delete mask and merge group. Use raster deform to position to your liking and remove all mask that is visible along bottom of tag with eraser tool.

Merge layers. Crop/re size and sharpen to your liking. Add name and relevant artist copyright and tube licence info. Save as Png.

Thank you for stopping by and trying this tutorial. I hope you are happy with your tag.
Sal :)


  1. Hi I was wondering what is the name of the tube you use, I was looking for it but can't fine it please help me hun.

  2. Hi Alisha,
    The tube is named Andrea and she is a prepaid exclusive at pfd.

  3. Oh Okay thank you I can't get that one, so I may have to use something else :(

  4. Aww sorry hun . I store all my tubes by site and artist and Id forgotton that she was a pre paid until you asked me about it, otherwise I probably wouldn't have used her.


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